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I will create Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Landing Page, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and get you Patients in No time. You will start getting phone calls right away and new Patients to your Dental Practice. I have a secret strategy for this and 15 years of experience with several Dental Clinics at the moment. Start Getting Patients Appointments ASAP

Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Landing Pages
Social Media Marketing

Choose your Monthly Plan

Sign up monthly to the plan that best suits your needs. Whether you are small Dental Office or got several Office in the City, I can help your business grow and Gain new Dental Patients. Smart Dental Marketing Strategy


$ 200
Per Month
  • 2 Google Ads Campaigns
  • Facebook Ads
  • 1 Landing Page
  • Social Media Marketing


$ 300
Per Month
  • 4 Google Ads Campaigns
  • Facebook Ads
  • 2 Landing Pages
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing


$ 500
Per Month
  • 6 Google Ads Campaigns
  • Facebook Ads
  • 4 Landing Pages
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Improve
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Sign Up Monthly, Cancel Any time no questions asked! Click Subscribe Now and you will be Redirected to Paypal for Secure Payment. Pay using Paypal or CC, if you do not want to open Paypal account, you can always checkout as guest. Start doing Dental Marketing Today

Digital Marketing it’s not a one time job, Takes time to study competence, Remake Strategy, Improve your website, create Landing Pages, Optimize your Campaigns on a Monthly Basis. Selecting the proper plan for your needs will ensure success for your investment. I assure you 100% ROI by Creating your Digital Marketing with me. Got questions and would like to talk, call me now 305-407-2422

Testimonials for Dental Marketing

15 years doing Digital Marketing and Website Creation it’s not one successful Story! You can read Hundreds of Testimonials from Our Main Website Donstudio

The Marketer

I’m Don from Miami, FL. I’ve been doing Digital Marketing for the last 15 years. For all kind of business, but lately I’ve been involved with a few Dental Office in Miami, we have successful stories already with Dentistry Business getting new Patients and Phone calls. I can get you Leads and Sales. Want to talk to me, call me or add me in Whatsapp


Most frequent questions and answers

I’m Digital Marketer & Web Developer, I create Google Ads Campaigns, Facebook Ads, Landing Pages (Custom Design), Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing (Custom Email Design – MailChimp)

Digital Marketing takes care of exposing your Brand online so your business it’s visible and you get new clients, and more sales.

Are you certain that you are not losing money in your current Google Ads Campaigns? Maximize Investment, Smart Marketing Strategy, Professional Digital Marketing Secrets with 15 years of experience. Conversions, Professional Landing Page, Social Media Marketing, email Marketing. If you are busy with your business, who is going to take care of all of this for you in the most effective and certain way. I’m here for you – 100% ROI

You do not have to do anything, I will take care of all this for you and ensure you will get new leads in the first weeks. I will provide updates on the work progress.

You can pay our fee using Paypal or Credit Card, by clicking on the blue button Subscribe Now and selecting the plan that best suits your needs.

I do most of the work myself, I’m a full time Digital Marketer and Web Developer. Sometimes I hire other developers to perform tasks in a more effective way or faster timing. This won’t affect the monthly price you pay, there will be no extra charge.

The time of the subscription it’s totally up to you, as long as you get clients and ROI, you might not think about cancelling, but if you wish to Cancel with me, you are free to do it, no questions asked.

Yes and Yes, as a matter of Fact I have several Dental Offices now in Miami and other cities and they are converting, getting phone calls, and Patient appointments, thanks to our Dental Digital Marketing Efforts, and their investments.

Custom landing page with the same level of design and function as this very same page you are reading.

I will make a research of your online business, website, landing page, keywords, bidding, competence and based on that I will create proper Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, to ensure you get the most possible conversions.

I’m located in Miami, my phone 305-407-2422 my email I’m always online in Whatsapp

Ready to Get Dental Leads?


Are you a Dental Clinic in need of New Patients?, I can get you new Leads, Appointments, and ultimately new patients. I can expose your brand and put you on top of your competitors. I can get you on the first page of Google. Create effective Digital Marketing so your Dental Practice shines and you can focus on helping people instead of Trying to get your visibility exposed. Our Monthly Plans are specially created for Clinics with no effective Digital Marketing, wanting to generate Leads and Sales. Smart Dental Marketing Strategy

Contact Don

If you have questions and would like to know more details before you decide to Sign Up and subscribe for Monthly Digital Marketing Plan with me. Please fill our the form or send me email to You can also call me, using the phone 305-407-2422 or add me on Whatsapp and we can chat right away! 

I’m Located in Miami, FL. 

Smart Dental Marketing Strategy

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